• 08
  • April

How to Get Rid of a Bad Review on Google My Business

Google My Business reviews hold a lot of power. They can either make or break your business. Unfortunately, some people leave bad reviews, and worse, even some publish fake ones that can ultimately compromise your online reputation. But what if there were a way to do something about it? Google My Business reviews are like the coffee shop gossip of the internet. […]

  • 09
  • February

Top Review Sites Your Brand Should Monitor

Monitoring tools for brand reputation should be an important element of any internet marketing software or tool stack.  On the Internet, nothing ever goes away. Every review, photograph, message, or movie will be available for viewing by any interested Internet user.  Even a single nasty remark, if it gets viral, might harm your company’s reputation. That is why it is critical to […]

  • 28
  • January

Is Online Reputation Management Worth The Money?

Online reputation management is a big issue right now. Your personal online reputation comprises your online presence and how people perceive you.  People are more inclined to conduct business with you if you look professional, helpful, and honest. However, many company owners and firms struggle to find the time to manage their internet presence and reputation.  As a result, internet reputation management […]