google search update
  • 08
  • June

How Should Reputation Management Respond to Search Updates?

Less than a generation ago, the world got its news primarily from television with a healthy thoughtful dose of opinion from print media. The Internet has changed everything. Although broadcast and cable television remain strong information channels in media, online streaming platforms are catching up. The world of print journalism and opinion is collapsing before the onslaught of online publication. The Internet […]

Search Engine Autocomplete Repair Example
  • 20
  • February

An Introduction To Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM)

The term ‘Search Engine Reputation Management’ describes the methods used to control or influence a brand or company’s public image. The World Economic Forum reports that a company’s reputation accounts for a quarter of its’ market value. The traditional term for this practice is Public Relations (PR), however as more companies move online, search results have become a vital element of any […]