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The Reputation Management Company Fights Ripoff Report

The Reputation Management Company introduces their newest offering to companies fighting negative reviews. They’ve taken on Ripoff Report.

Ripoff Report allows everyday consumers to publish their opinions on businesses and individuals they’ve come in contact with. On their website they admit that while they encourage individuals to only write honest reviews, they do not guarantee their authenticity. Once a review is up, they will not let one edit or remove it for any reason even if he or she is the author of the article.

Any business owner can attest that negative reviews not only hurt their establishments but in some cases can have irreparable effects. An emotional customer or worse, a competitor, has the power to ruin a company simply based on a review. This is especially true for small businesses that thrive on word of mouth and positive evaluations. Having a poor review on a site such as Ripoff Report can lose thousands of dollars for a company.

The Reputation Management Company understands the seriousness of damaging reviews. In today’s world, reputation and public persona is everything. Fortunately, their team has a solution to overcome them. They will remove these listings from Google and other search engine results so no one will be able to view them when they search for your business. In some cases they will even go to court to file a lawsuit and sue for defamation if necessary.

To take it a step further, they will also work on creating a positive online persona for a business or an individual. They achieve this by creating accurate, positive articles, profiles, websites and reviews that highlight ones’ attributes while simultaneously diminishing the negative ones. The defaming articles become buried while the accurate reviews reach the top of a person’s search engine.

The Reputation Management Company takes your brand seriously. They work hard at making sure you’re successful in your individual endeavors. They understand how hurtful and harmful negative posts can be especially from well-­‐known websites such as Ripoff Report. If you’re interested in establishing a positive online reputation, contact us today

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