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Vanish – How To Delete Yourself From The Internet

Vanish is a version of our Data Privacy Removal packages that can help you “Vanish” from the internet without a trace.

If you’ve been following the recent breaches that have taken place when it comes to the security of personal data that is stored online, chances are you’re beginning to wonder if being on the internet is really such a great idea. Sure, it can be fun to connect with friends and family, and shopping is made extremely easy, but are you spreading personal information about yourself that could potentially land in the wrong hands? To be sure, the vast amount of data collected by online data brokers is collected and sold to companies that want to be able to market their products more efficiently to you, but that doesn’t mean your personal information will be safe from individuals with more sinister intentions. Of course, you might simply be looking for a way to disappear and get off the grid for other reasons. Not everyone is comfortable making themselves so vulnerable and providing easily accessed information regarding their personal lives.

If you’re worried about your online security and personal information, then a company like Vanish can be exactly what you need. Vanish can help you remove your information from the internet, allowing you to be a little more inconspicuous; however, removing yourself and traces of your information from the internet is usually a process that is a bit more involved than most people realize, but it can be done. If you’re still interested in going through the process and getting your personal information off the internet once and for all, then roll up your sleeves, and read through the steps that will be required to accomplish your goal.

Vanish- How To Delete Yourself From the Internet

First of all, it’s important to realize that you’re going to need to handle each of your online accounts individually. There’s no short-cut when it comes to deleting yourself from the internet. Fortunately, Vanish can make this process as easy as possible. Whether it’s getting rid of your profile and account on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any other social media network, you’ll find step by step directions guiding you through the process.

Vanish does an excellent job of helping you to determine exactly what information you might want to get rid of and what you might choose to keep. For example, when deleting your Facebook account, you might decide that you want to keep Facebook Messenger and deactivate the rest of your account. Of course, you can completely delete your Facebook account, but this typically takes a couple of days. The process for each social media account will vary. Some accounts are easy to delete or deactivate while others will have a multi-step process.

As you’re working through deleting your various social media accounts, take some time to think about any accounts you may have forgotten about long ago. Do you still have an old MySpace account that you haven’t used in years, but you haven’t actually deleted your profile or account? Now is the time to go back and make sure that it’s gone for good.

While deleting social media accounts will definitely be a big part of your process in trying to delete any traces of yourself on the internet, it’s also important to get rid of other online accounts. Do you have shopping sites like Walmart, Amazon, or Alibaba where you’ve made purchases and created an account or online profile? Similarly, department stores are often another source of online profiles and personal information. Delete these accounts to help remove any traces of your identity. Depending on the particular account, you might have to close the account, delete it or deactivate the account to render it useless. You can usually find what you need when you look under the security tab for each of these shopping sites.

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