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VC Guide Review Removal Services

VC Guide is an Anonymous fund & investor review website that was created by a venture capitalist for other founders to improve their NPS (net promoter scores) for other investors, partners, and companies to see. The website vcguide.co is all done anonymously and gives investors the opportunity to request reviews about their funds and performance. The website’s homepage states that they only provide review access to founders as they want to protect the integrity of their reviews.

Alongside these blind reviews which can be false or negative, they have a portal set up showcasing community resources, internal products, and a guidebook for the venture capital founders community. They have a way to confirm that they are working with the actual founders.  The website has been featured in Forbes, Protocol, and Business Insider. They are also testing a new project for fund managers such as general partners, managing partners, investors, and other staff in the VC ecosystem.

While they give investors a chance to respond to reviews they do state on their site that “We believe that there are always two sides to every story and accountability goes both ways, so we want to allow for investors to respond to their own reviews. Please navigate to the link below to leave a reply.” If you have received a fake review and want to have it removed please reach out to our reputation management team and we can help you fix these negatives online.  Ratings range from a 1 that Mark DeNino of TL Ventures has to a 10 that Simon Yoo of Green Visor Capital has.
VC Guide Removal Services

Some of the VC’s featured on their homepage are RTP Global, Greg Castle, David Blumberg of Blumberg Capital, Ryan Li of Deep Ventures, Mike Vernal of Sequoia Capital, Josh Buckley f Buckley Ventures, Chamath Palihapitiya from the All In Podcast, Gil Dibner of Angular Ventures, Mallun Yen of Operator Collective, Chip Hazard of Flybridge, Gregory Milken of March Capital, Ali Parovi of Neo, James Curier of NFX, Charles Hudson of Precursor, Dan Gebremedhin of Flare Capital, Huican Zhu of zPark Capital, Payal Agrawal Divakaran of 406 Ventures, Peter Barrett of Playground Global, John Neamonitis of Lakehouse VC

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