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Video Reputation Management

You Googled your brand and instead of having a perfect branded image you have a video from a customer who has never even used your product before. What does this customer say? Harassing content about how horrible your product is and that it’s a scam and you should be warned. This hateful and untruthful speech has no place in our society and Google agrees that it has no place on Youtube.com. The issue with Video removal and any video reputation management service is that there are millions of new videos uploaded each week and it is nearly impossible to police the internet of these videos.

That’s why an online reputation management service that can help remove, delete, and erase harmful things that pop up online. Below is a detailed list of Google search policies for images and video boxes as well as a detailed list of features:

Google Video reputation management



Google covers content policies in one central location that provides a directory for search seen here. Video and search boxes have a sub-page with causes for removal of hateful content, gore and violence, harassing content, terrorist content, and many others. You can review the full list and information from Google here.

The list of policies is for search features are:

  • Dangerous Content
  • Harassing Content
  • Hateful Content
  • Manipulated media
  • Medical content
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Terrorist content
  • Violence and gore
  • Vulgar language & profanity

If any of the above fit a video that you’re looking to remove from search results and Youtube let us know and we will be glad to assist in the removal process.

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