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What is online reputation management

What is Online Reputation Management?

Reputation management is having control of you or your company’s reputation and working to control how others view you or your company. Online reputation management is similar in many ways to standard, face to face reputation management in that one communicates with their consumers and keeps track of their perceived image. The issue with the internet is that most businesses do not know how to take control of how they look to outsiders.

Online reputation management, or ORM, typically consists of a person or company managing the reviews they receive online through various points such as:

• Websites
• Social Media
• Blog Posts
• Review Sites
• Online Forums
• News Stories
• Press Releases

Reputation consists of how a person views you or your company. Reputation management is extremely important as it is your only way to change the perceptions that the consumer has formed about you or your company. Warren Buffet one of the worlds most famous investors always talks about the importance of building a positive reputation through years of hard work and it only takes 15 minutes to ruin all of that goodwill.

Now that the internet has become such a powerhouse in today’s marketplace, online reputation management has become more important than ever.
Due to the nature of doing business in today’s modern world, a person or company has to be online. Before the internet, it was mostly top-down communication, or companies selling to a passive audience. With the birth of the internet came great power in the form of self-expression. If a person or company wants to thrive, they have to be on the internet in some form. Regardless of the size of the organization, utilizing the internet is essential for communicating with your audience.
Right now, someone is probably talking about your or your company online. The problem comes when that person is angry or upset about something to do with you or your company. Most people think there is nothing they can do about this, what is written on the internet is written in stone. In some cases, this is accurate but more often than not, there are lots of ways you can go about addressing these negative comments and rebuilding your reputation online.

With the advanced technological world in which we live in today, it seems that nothing on the internet is private anymore. Everyone has a certain amount of influence and a sense of power when it comes to expressing their opinions. While it is a great opportunity for one to better understand and communicate directly to their clients or consumers, there can be a downside to this advanced technology. Unhappy consumers leaving poor reviews, publishing defamatory comments, complaints, bad press, and false statements can drastically affect you or your company’s reputation.

When someone is looking for more information about you or your company, the first thing they do is search your name on Google. What shows up on the first page of results is key to how clients or consumers will form their opinions about you or your company. The worst thing that could happen is having a negative listing in the first few search results. The person will likely go to it first and may not choose to continue their research as they have already formed their opinion.
If you have done your best to make your clients and consumers happy, worked with unhappy clients to remedy the situation, and there are still negative listings for you of your company, it can be extremely frustrating. These negative listings may not accurately reflect how you or your company handle your business and can leave a sour taste in the mouth of consumers looking for more information about you on the internet.

Online reputation management is all about improving or restoring a consumer’s image of your company. It is not fair to you or your company to be affected negatively because of bad situations on the internet that do not accurately reflect your business. To bring you or your company back into good standing with potential clients and consumers, actively counteracting negative content is key. Pumping positive and accurate content about you or your company online will suppress the negative content that may show up in search results.

When this isn’t enough, it’s time to look into reputation management companies and how they can help you restore your image. At some point, there is only so much one can do to suppress negative content about themselves or their company online. Bringing in a professional reputation management company can drastically improve the way people view you or your company. A professional reputation management company is more than just a person behind a computer- it’s a team of public relations professionals, web techs, and expects that work to suppress and remove unwanted content from the internet. A professional reputation management company can accomplish more than just pushing negative content to the bottom of the Google search results, they can remove the content all together. Please note that is one of the only companies that is able to remove negative webpages from the internet with a 100% guarantee.

When something negative or inaccurate shows up in the results for you or your company, taking steps to remove the content is necessary as it can affect your future business. Some of the way things that can be deleted or suppressed by reputation management are:

• Contacting the webmaster of the site
• Requesting removal from Google search results
• Content removal via court order
• Promoting positive content
• Actively responding to consumers feedback

Professional reputation management companies have the ability to remove and suppress negative online content in a variety of ways that an individual cannot accomplish. Usually these companies have good relationships with webmasters on popular review sites and can often request removal without question. These companies can rally on your behalf to have negative content removed not just from review sites, but from all kinds of other sites as well. When the negative content is more than just inaccurate and it is also defamatory, professional reputation management companies hire lawyers to take care of this. A court order can force a website to remove the content in question and stop any future content from the same publisher being posted again.
It is important that you or your company manage their online reputation because it can greatly affect the future of you or your company. You want your image to be one that is positive and accurate and by utilizing online reputation management skills and hiring professional reputation management companies, this can be achieved and produce positive and accurate results.
So After All of this What Is Online Reputation Management and How Do I fix My Search Results?

Online reputation management is the practice of removing and replacing unwanted content online. We help you to brand and promote yourself in a positive light on the internet. When you are ready to remove and replace what you don’t want to have seen online we are here to do that for you.

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