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Badreviews.site Deletion Service – Remove a Bad Review

If you have been posted on the Badreviews.site and are looking to have the post deleted we can help facilitate the removal for you or your clients.

Prevent Being Cheated By Reading Posts On Badreviews — Have you been ripped by some products or services on online stores or in physical stores? Are the vendors not responding to your complaints? You have an opportunity to pay them back in their own coin by lodging a complaint on https://badreviews.site Instead of purchasing the software being sold at a ridiculously low price, first try to find if they are reliable by visiting the above mentioned site and using their internal search engine to search for the program. Chances are that the software will work as claimed if you do not see any reviews. However, if you see lots of negative reviews about the software, do not purchase it.

PayPal does not respond
PayPal might be the leading payment gateway in the world but that does not mean that it does not have its shortcomings. A quick search about the online payment gateway behemoth revealed many complaints about it. One of the complainants stated that the site does not provide any security for the seller or buyer. One will find accounts being blocked after the account holder added a new card. The individual wanted to remove the card to solve the problem but could not do so. Even opening a new account after closing the dispute is impossible. There are countless cases of PayPal flagging an account as risky even for a single chargeback.

Disadvantages of Badreviews
You might not be aware of it but your opposition can easily harm your business by hiring people from different cities to post bad comments about your website on Badreviews. In such a scenario, a person searching for the name of your company on it will get negative feedback about your site and most probably will never visit it. You do have the option of getting in touch with the site owners and informing them about the illegitimate negative reviews about your site and get those reviews removed. But the damage has already been done to the reputation of your online store.

Write your own experience
Have you ever faced problems with a physical or online store or have you been on the other side of this? Fixing this is the practice of online reputation management. You can inform the world about it by visiting https://badreviews.site, clicking on the “categories” option on the top, selecting a suitable category, and then write a post about the fraudulent store. It is better to use the search engine instead. Search for the name of the store. Next, click on the “add a complaint” link on the right hand side. The website will redirect your browser to another page containing a complaint form. Fill up the form with the name of the offender, the title of your complaint, the category of complaint (you will find a drop down list with many categories), select the category that suits your requirements, and then write down your complaint. You also have the option to add the contact information of the offender, add keywords related to the complaint, include photos to the complaint, type in the security code, and then add your complaint.

You will be surprised
Be prepared for a surprise when you search for a keyword — you will find complaints about leading giants about that category. If you search for “computers” you will find complaints about leaders in the industry listed on the site. If you feel that you have been scammed or cheated, do not hesitate. Log on to badreviews.site and post your complaint over there.

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