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Defaulters.com Removal & Deletion from Complaint Website

Defaulters.com is a gripe and complaint site similar to Holysmoke.org and Complaintsboard.com. It uses the same template and design as Holy Smoke and even more sketchy is that it has some of the same exact reviews word for word on both sites. We have the ability to fully delete and remove these complaint sites in a pay per deletion agreement where we send them your negative webpage or complaint for deletion and they give us a price. It’s not an ideal way to work with these so called extortionist websites but it’s definitely better than having your dirty laundry or false claims posted online and not being able to do anything about it.

Some of the most prominent complaints posted on Defaulters.com is one that features complaints about Jason Bond Picks, Desmond Ong, and Blue Green Vacations right on the homepage of their website. There is also a carousel of complaints that still have the Holy Smoke logo on there. Defaulters.com Removal and Deletion

The website also has a tag line that says:

“Any Truth is better than Indefinite Doubt

We help you research, analyze, discover, compile and publish negative content which companies try hard to hide from you, the consumer.”

So beware if you have negative content posted on Defaulters.com know that we can help you remove or suppress all unwanted search results.

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