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Building Your LinkedIn Profile Versus Other Social Media

You can’t go anywhere these days in the marketing and reputation spaces without hearing about social media. These platforms are the way of the future, and anyone who doesn’t know it is lagging behind. 

However, what’s less talked about is LinkedIn profiles. Sure, everyone is clamoring for Instagram and Facebook ads, but these may not always be the right platforms to focus on, and all social media certainly doesn’t function in the same ways. 

Don’t neglect your LinkedIn profiles or assume you know how to handle this unique platform because you know how to optimize your Instagram; Learn more about building your LinkedIn compared to other places online and why you should get started. 

Why LinkedIn?

It’s true that LinkedIn can’t claim the largest number of users. Other social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook have far more users, and Instagram and Pinterest also have slightly larger user populations. However, there’s a reason that The Reputation Management Company emphasizes the importance of optimizing your profile on this platform. 

a man leaning against a question mark to help ask why Linkedin

It’s not always a matter of reaching the most eyes, but the right eyes. Who are you looking to establish authority with and see you as a trustworthy leader? 

Other social media platforms like Facebook and Youtube are the homes of scrolling users who may be mindlessly staring at their screens, looking at memes. LinkedIn is where career professionals go, actively looking for industry insights, jobs, or services for their businesses

This is seen in the age demographics as just one measurement of why people use social media platforms. Perhaps your profile will get more eyes on Facebook, but you’re also more likely to be seen by teenagers and retired individuals. Compare this to LinkedIn’s demographics, where you’re almost exclusively getting working, business-driven users. 

The Purpose of the Platform

All of this gets at the purpose of this social media corner of the internet. Why are people there, and why should you be building your Linkedin Profiles for yourself and your businesses? 

If you’re looking to establish a good reputation, as The Reputation Management Company does through its services, you need to be seen by thought leaders. LinkedIn is where people learn about what’s happening in their industry, what they need to be doing, and where they should be looking for services. 

If you can establish yourself as an authority in your space on the platform, it will further build your reputation better than getting views and little engagement on Facebook. As The Reputation Management Company recommends, your authority building should be strategic. Build smarter and purposefully on strategically chosen platforms rather than building everywhere. 

5 Benefits of LinkedIn Profiles for Building Your Desired Reputation

You can spend countless hours building your website for your personal reputation or business, only to get outranked by an unfriendly Wikipedia article. Google has a few go-to sites with millions of users and dollars behind them to build their domain authority constantly. 

LinkedIn profiles are almost like a shortcut. The platform has an extremely high domain authority. If anyone googles your name, chances are that it will be one of the first rankings. You need to ensure that people see what you want them to see. 

Here are some benefits of building your profile on this high-domain authority site compared to other social media options. 

1. Room to Hit Those Keywords

Instagram is a popular app with lots of users. However, the content is focused on videos and photos rather than written content. When optimizing your profile here, it’s more about reaching the Instagram audience through its algorithm than ranking with Google. 

Compare this to LinkedIn profiles. Here, you can create your own headline, giving readers (and Google) a quick snapshot of who you are. Here are some top headline ideas that hit keywords while sharing what makes you unique or your value proposition:

  • Top Attorney Committed to Client Success and Satisfaction
  • I Make SEO Easy for Small Businesses
  • (Title and Company) — Results-Driven Leader

Beyond these 120 characters, you have the chance to share more about yourself in the About section. Here, you can hit more keywords while further explaining who you are and what you have to offer. You can establish why you should be trusted as a thought leader in your industry. 

2. Vanity URLs and Rankings

All LinkedIn profiles have a unique URL. While some may just be a long list of numbers, others have vanity URLs. These are designed to be easy to read and connected to your brand. 

This isn’t a vanity domain. So, for example, your URL won’t be, but 

These easy-to-read and remember URLs make it easier for people to find your page quickly. It also builds trust. You’re establishing yourself as a professional. 

3. Endorsements & Recommendations

Something that’s unique to this social media platform is endorsements and recommendations. These shouldn’t be confused with reviews that you might see on Facebook. These go beyond just a review of someone’s experience. Instead, it’s actively signaling to other users that people know, trust, and would recommend you or your services to employers or clients. 

Endorsements can come from past employers, colleagues, or mentors. Users can endorse one of your skills, and each user can endorse multiple skills. 

For example, someone may endorse you for your leadership abilities, communication skills, and creativity. This signals to others your strengths and who you are, and what you’re known for amongst people in your industry. 

Recommendations often come from former clients. They are actively recommending your services to other users. Someone on Facebook may have a four-star experience, but it fades into the background of other reviews. But recommendations are each a point in favor of hiring you. 

4. Establish Yourself As an Expert Through Groups

Groups on LinkedIn are typically very business-oriented. It’s where people come for answers to questions they have about their industry. This is an opportunity to serve as a mentor to every person in that group. Suddenly, you can grow your reputation as not only a leader and expert but someone willing to help others by lending that expertise.

Join groups based on your industry and interests. You, of course, don’t want to spam the posts in the group and be overtly self-promotional. However, strategically engaging with people reaching out for guidance could form the meaningful connections you’re looking for. 

5. Provide Updates Regularly on Critical Topics

Staying active on the platform can help you reach more people and cement your brand. Updating is simple. Share your accomplishments or what you’re working toward and your progress. The Reputation Management Company always recommends keeping your profile updated with new posts to stay relevant with your connections. 

You can even share links to news articles you’ve written, contributed to, or those addressing topics in your industry. Share the links with a blurb on your stance and position. This will show that you’re truly a leader and aiming to make your voice heard. 

Compare this to platforms like Facebook. Here, you don’t want to disrupt the focus of your business. If you have a professional profile, you want potential clients to click and see what you’re business is about. But if you’re posting updates, these will be the first thing users see. But LinkedIn will still keep your header and about section, so the focus is not on your updates, maintaining your brand reputation. 

Some Tips for Building LinkedIn Profiles

A person holding the Linkedin logo in their handReady to start improving your profile? The above benefits that differentiate LinkedIn from other platforms are great places to start, but take a look at a few more tips for standing out from the crowd and improving your online reputation

Choose a Professional Photo

This isn’t your Facebook or Instagram page. Keep your photo professional. If you want to be seen as a leader and trustworthy, ensure that your photo shows that side of you. 

Grow Your Network

Someone with only a handful of connections won’t be seen as a leader. While putting yourself out there and connecting may be intimidating, know that this is a professional platform. You’re not asking to become best friends — people are looking to network. 

Find people in your industry who may share an interest. For example, they may have similar job titles or have achieved what you’d like to. Personalize your request with a note that addresses why you’d like to connect. 

Offer and Request Endorsements

We’ve mentioned how endorsements and recommendations work, but how do you get them?

One of the best ways to receive endorsements is to give them. They cost you nothing and can be done quickly. You’re more likely to receive the endorsement love when you share it. 

You may also request endorsements. The Reputation Management Company would never recommend spamming your connections with endorsement requests. Reach out to colleagues and mentors you know well. Give context to your request, ask politely, and don’t persist with your request if they decline. 

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Use this guide to understand better how this online platform differs from the others and why The Reputation Management Company always recommends these optimization methods to clients. Now that you know the unique benefits available, there’s no reason not to get busy and improve your own page. 

Start optimizing today, and see how your reputation improves with LinkedIn. 

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