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All That Users of Skeptic Tank Need to Know If They Want Our Help To Remove Complaints believes in free speech and they try their best to not censor or moderate people without a valid reason. It is a private site, which means that they can remove your negative posts if we pay them and they believe the post to be malicious.

The Users Responsibility When Placing a Complaint on

As a user, you are responsible for what you post, so be aware that the staff and owners of Skeptictank cannot be held liable for your actions. On this platform, it is expected that people act like grown ups and not go around calling people names and so forth. You will be issued with warnings if you continue to act like an idiot. Also, the person who is getting offended needs to report the matter in order for something to be done about it. The site has an ignore system, so if someone is bothering you, just put them on ignore.

The Reporting of Posts

If you see any misuse of the guidelines and rules, then do the right thing and report it. Once is enough, you do not need to keep on reporting it over and over again. If you report someone’s post just because you do not like what they had to say, your report will be ignored.

Physical Threats And Racism

This will not be allowed for any reason. Anything that the skeptic tank deems to be in breach of these rules will be removed by the staff. There will be no warnings issued for behavior like this, your post will be removed immediately.

The Publishing of Content

If you, as a member decide to post any personal information on the site, you do so at your own risk. This includes personal photos, websites, instant message account details, e-mails, phone numbers, addresses, etc. If any member decided to post someone else’s information, they could very well be removed.

Private conversations should remain private. Do not try to post any part of a private conversation on any public part of this site, as you will be banned.

The site is flexible where trolling is concerned, but there are limits, just like with everything else. Do not continue to post stupid comments about the same person over and over again, or further action could be taken against you. Any threats of stalking, racism, or physical violence will not be tolerated at all, so keep this in mind.

Pornography or Explicit Content

Nobody can post anything that is considered to be pornography. Things that are PG-13 rated are okay, but nothing more than that. Nothing more than a thong picture, or cleavage will be tolerated. Anyone who does not adhere to these rules will be dealt with in a very harsh way.

Content Correction And Dispute

If you have any problem with a staff member, you should convey this to the administrators privately. Do not post issues like this on the public part of this site, as you will possibly be removed. When you do make a complaint, you need to give the staff enough time to respond, as they get many e-mails each day. It could take up to 48 hours for the issue to be resolved.

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