R. Couri Hay PR Agency for Crisis Management Offline

While we are the very best for online crisis management and PR fixes, there’s a common name that comes up often enough for offline fixes and personality rehabilitation. In the elite New York City and Palm Beach social circles we encounter Public Relations expert Robert Couri Hay. Hay is one of the best-known publicists and bloggers in New York City. As a […]

Boardroom PR strategies meetings
  • 17
  • January

Boardroom PR Strategies for Public Relations Crisis

In today’s world, it doesn’t take much to make grab a headline or two. One mild controversy can lead to multiple news stories or posts online. This is good news if a business or individual does something they are proud of, but it is bad news if it is due to controversy or scandal. As we’ve seen now more than ever our […]

Harvey Weinstein Appoints New Online Crisis Management PR Team
  • 11
  • April

Harvey Weinstein Appoints New Online Crisis Management PR Team

Those who’ve, we helped with their online crisis are glad they don’t have the issues of media mogul Harvey Weinstein. The New Yorker recently unveiled a new team to shake up its communications department. The move could have come at a better time given the barrage of scandals and sexual misconduct accusations surrounding media mogul Harvey Weinstein. It remains to be seen […]