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There are multiple complaints and scam warning sites. The majority of these sites will be able to help you remove and delete these false complaints about you or your business.

Recognize the Warning Signs and Ask Is it a SCAM?

Expose Scammers, Investigate Fraud & Fight Crime is the motto of the website. We are able to delete reviews from which is also a well-known complaint website.

Finally, there is a more casual central location online for all your consumer complaints about medical professionals. It is called ‘’. Instead of you simply being fuming mad ranting and raving about an unpleasant experience, you can now go to skepticfiles and write out your every grievance with that medical professional’s service. It is true that there are other sites that offer a similar service, but they are often financially supported by the very doctors who are receiving the reviews, thus many are skewed in the doctors’ favor.

HealthGrades, Vitals, and RateMDs all offer some type of review, but as indicated above those reviews could be skewed. The site will often omit the most negative reviews to ingratiate the doctor. With Skepticfiles, you must state your complaint in an acceptable manner, meaning with no profanity, or plain language describing your injury, insult, or complaint. Other potential patients know in advance if that professional is someone, they would choose to be their physician.

Another benefit of Skepticfiles is the proof you are allowed and encouraged to provide to prove your claims. Post pictures and images of documents to substantiate your claims. Not only can you share this with followers at Skepticfiles, but you can also forward your claim to others who you would like to know about your experience.

If you have had a negative healthcare experience share it with others to forewarn them and hopefully, they will not endure the same horror. Negative healthcare situations are limited to extremely long wait times, but some experiences include some of the most horrendous stories ever told. That is what we witness when these situations become lawsuits and are thrust into the headlines of every national newspaper and news network.

Report every instance of negligence, malpractice, unnecessary testing, excessive narcotics distribution, sexual abuse, and inaccurate or overbilling. Medical professionals are held to exacting standards as well as they should be. Their services are among the highest service costs in the world. It is only natural, that we the consumer of these expensive services would demand precision and accuracy.

Doctors are compelled to study medicine for a minimum of ten years including undergraduate study, medical school, and residency. By the time this is completed, these professionals should be dedicated, focused, and prepared to heal the sick. They should also be prepared to deliver the other professional courtesies that accompany delivering healthcare to the public.

Skepticfiles gives us the platform needed to inform others of negative experiences we are dealt at the hands of our doctors. Yes, that is right, you can report every negative experience on skepticfiles including bad rehabilitations, alert others to bad products or medicines, and point out injurious behavior or quack-like behavior to other potential patients before they enter the doctor’s office.

An often-unreported problem with doctors is the instance of sexual misconduct. The doctor patient relationship is by law non-consensual especially, when mental or sexual health is involved. No one should worry that seeing a gynecologist, urologist or primary care physician will result in a sexual encounter. A professional would never allow that to happen. If he or she has, it should be reported. Skepticfiles is one place where it can be broadcast to other patients. If it was not consensual, it needs to be reported to the police. Whatever the unprofessional conduct was, is the right place to document it and report it to others.

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