Building a website
  • 23
  • July

Should Clients Build More Websites for Reputation Management?

How many websites does one person or organization need? This is an important question for anyone considering an online reputation management campaign. There is no universal, always correct way of answering the question. A multinational corporation may need many websites. And what is a website? People may quickly say that any domain is a website but a domain can host thousands or […]

man repairing a mistakes on a phone
  • 11
  • June

Reputation Management and Repair Mistakes to Avoid

You start building your reputation the first day you start doing business with the public. First-time business owners, new celebrities, and even young politicians rarely have the foresight to think about what that means before they show up for their first day in their new endeavor. Many entrepreneurs and individuals reach points in their professional lives where they know enough about the […]

Time needed for reputation management
  • 09
  • June

How Long Is Reputation Management Needed?

If the names Max Blanck and Isaac Harris mean nothing to you, don’t be surprised. Most people would say they have never heard of these men. But many college and high school students throughout the USA have studied the legacy of these two early 20th-century industrialists. In 1911, Blanck and Harris owned the Triangle Waist Company, which operated a factory on the 8th, […]