leadership in a traveling group
  • 25
  • June

Why Leadership Reputation Management Matters to Organizations

The proprietor of a small-town store, the CEO of a publicly traded corporation, and the leader of a nation all have one thing in common. Their communities support or spurn them on the basis of their personal reputations. Research shows that leadership reputation directly influences organizational and brand value. The reputation of a business or organization executive lends weight to public goodwill […]

Hollywood and celebrities
  • 24
  • June

Should Celebrities Use Reputation Management?

Although the phrase “reputation management” is relatively new, literature and history classes teachers have taught that kings and conquerors relied on reputation management techniques for thousands of years. The best-known examples come from ancient Egypt and Rome. Egyptian Pharoahs carved or painted their achievements and exploits on great pillars and temple walls. These tales of glory may only have lasted a lifetime, […]

man repairing a mistakes on a phone
  • 11
  • June

Reputation Management and Repair Mistakes to Avoid

You start building your reputation the first day you start doing business with the public. First-time business owners, new celebrities, and even young politicians rarely have the foresight to think about what that means before they show up for their first day in their new endeavor. Many entrepreneurs and individuals reach points in their professional lives where they know enough about the […]