remove outdated content
  • 22
  • May

Do You Need to Remove Outdated Content?

Think of the last time you looked up a restaurant and found that the hours, menu, or delivery information had changed. You were probably very frustrated and maybe uttered some choice words! Customers rely on businesses to keep their websites relevant and up-to-date. Outdated or irrelevant content may result in low clickthrough rates, limited traffic, and, eventually, a lower Google ranking. It’s […]

fixing negative online image
  • 16
  • May

How Can You Fix a Negative Online Image

Businesses today live and die by their online reputations. Unfortunately, negative content such as comments, posts, and photos may harm your reputation, potentially losing sales and prospects. Responding appropriately to mitigate the fallout is essential, but reputation repair is challenging and stressful.  Small businesses are often unprepared to deal with harmful content online, and presenting the facts is crucial. Reputation management services […]

review management
  • 09
  • May

Why Does Your Company Need Review Management?

With the high degree of trust consumers place in online reviews, the nature of these opinions can enormously affect a brand’s reputation and the likelihood that consumers will choose to purchase from that brand. You may find dealing with customer feedback across multiple sites, initiating review removal against trolls, and addressing negative customer experiences stressful. However, all these aspects of online review […]