A picture of a phone on a table with the words social media next to it showing how social media can help your business
  • 25
  • August

Tips and Tricks to Help Your Business’s Social Media in 2022

The playing field for businesses has changed. Gone are the days when only a smile and a handshake were enough to do good business. Today, we’re all connected online, making the need for an excellent social media presence even more important for businesses to succeed. Billions of users use social media to stay connected with family and friends and research companies and […]

A picture of a bunch of different social media sites that show how reputation works in social media
  • 07
  • July

How Reputation Works in Social Media

Social media plays a pivotal role in how people view a business or influencer. From creating relationships through connecting with audiences to building a consistent brand image, social media promote business faster than other means in the digital age. This is why it plays a major role in online reputation management.  Many factors influence your image, and there are many options for […]

an image of the Linkedin logo
  • 16
  • June

Building Your LinkedIn Profile Versus Other Social Media

You can’t go anywhere these days in the marketing and reputation spaces without hearing about social media. These platforms are the way of the future, and anyone who doesn’t know it is lagging behind.  However, what’s less talked about is LinkedIn profiles. Sure, everyone is clamoring for Instagram and Facebook ads, but these may not always be the right platforms to focus […]