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GatherUp Reviews – Formerly

One of the most beneficial things for any business is to get actual feedback from their customers. Feedback can be used to make improvements, create new features and grow overall. Services that can help you place or manage reviews is extremely important. which used to be is a company that aims to help businesses of all sizes obtain that useful information. How exactly does it obtain that feedback, and is their service worth the price? Here’s a closer look at the Gather Up review collection service they provide.

The History of the Company

Founded five years ago, GatherUp has evolved a little bit as a company. They started off as a company that really helped with reviews. They have since offered other types of services, that they are still a review collection service at its core.

Reviews and search engine optimization, along with marketing, all really goes together online. The team at GatherUp originally went by the name of GetFiveStars, the name change better reflected their overall ability to provide full services for businesses instead of just one aspect.

Now going into their sixth year as a company, GatherUp is helping more companies and being more efficient with their strategies than ever before. Businesses of every size are turning to them and utilizing what they can provide.

Creating short, valuable conversations

At its core, GatherUp focuses on creating valuable conversations with customers when they have an experience with a business. This conversation provides data that can be used to help a business reach new heights. Since the company has a long list of businesses they’ve worked with, they know exactly what questions need asked to get the most amount of feedback without wasting the customer’s time.

Not only is feedback important with these conversations, but the review collection service is really what will help grow a business organically. By encouraging feedback, both privately and in review form, a company can begin to really build a solid overall reputation. Having a positive online reputation can really help out businesses of any size, but it is especially important for a smaller business just starting out and beginning to grow.

Outstanding Service

If there is one thing that makes GatherUp stand out from the competition, it is their overall service. They are really focused on helping all of the businesses they work with grow. Since this are in the review collection service and reputation management business, they fully understand how important it is to leave every customer satisfied. If they aren’t satisfied, GatherUp themselves will not grow.

Quality and tailor-made solutions are two of the things GatherUp really focuses on to provide that outstanding service. They really seem to understand that something that works for one business might not necessarily work for the other. Tinkering with different ideas can really provide just the right experience for every single business that they work with.

Some businesses will know exactly what they want from GatherUp. Others will have no idea, just that they need help because what they’re doing currently is not working. Since the company know so much about growth in general, they will assist in pointing out exactly what needs to be done.


Pricing is something that every single person who runs a business will analyze. Every single business is going to have a slightly different budget, so the last thing they want to do is throw away money on something that might not provide much in return.

GatherUp does a very good job of working with potential clients first and showing them exactly what they can expect out of using them to grow their business where as we compliment their services by helping to eliminate, delete, hide, or manage their unwanted reviews and content with our Reputation Management Company offerings. There is nothing hidden with the presentation, and the company even prides itself on exceeding expectations rather than overpromising. They focus more on the long game, then short improvements that are likely to not stick long term.

Right now they offer four basic plans, but everything can be customized for personal business needs. The basic plan is $39.95 per month, per location. The executive plan goes up to $199 per month, per location.

Each plan includes profiles, requests, online review monitoring and more. They utilize a review widget specifically to encourage customer feedback, as well as a conversion pop-up and survey questions. Finally, a monthly report is always supplied in the end.

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