slander tech being removed
  • 11
  • June

Slander Tech Removal Services

Have you been defamed online and are looking for our proprietary Slander Tech Removal services? If so you’ve come to the right place. What we do is we have software that will scan the internet to find all the negatives that are online for you or your brand. Our sentiment generator shows what results are positive, neutral, and negative. From there we […]

Online Reputation management
  • 19
  • April

Online Reputation, Vital To Your Bottom Line

For any organization, reputation is an important key in building up a brand and ensuring sales and ongoing relevance. ¬†There are many ways to ensure public goodwill and create a good public image and a positive brand image. Some companies offer natural products or go out of their way to reduce their carbon footprint on the world. ¬†Others support various charities with […]

Fix negative reviews
  • 08
  • February

Fix Negative Reviews on

Banking does not have to be a hassle. However, for many people, the banking experience is often far from perfect. Commonly cited reasons for a bad banking experience include painfully slow queues at teller counters, seemingly indifferent customer care staff and branch management, and long wait time at reception desks. These are just a few of the issues that trigger negative reviews […]