United Airlines reputation management
  • 30
  • June

What Can We Learn From United Airlines and its Online Reputation?

If you’re one of the small handful of people who haven’t heard of the United Airlines PR nightmare, you could miss out on a valuable lesson in protecting and rebuilding your brand.  So, let’s look at how United Airlines can improve its online reputation, how it can apply to other businesses, and what brands can learn from this monumental error. What Happened […]

Should you remove Outdated Content
  • 23
  • June

How to Know If You Should Remove Outdated Content

A common misconception with websites is that “bigger” means “better.” You might have built your website over the years, filling it with content, and yet somehow, Google still isn’t giving you the recognition you deserve. There might be a good reason for that: outdated content. The Reputation Management Company assists brands with removing content that’s no longer serving your SEO. We can […]

Improve linkedin profile
  • 16
  • June

Building Your LinkedIn Profile Versus Other Social Media

You can’t go anywhere these days in the marketing and reputation spaces without hearing about social media. These platforms are the way of the future, and anyone who doesn’t know it is lagging behind.  However, what’s less talked about is LinkedIn profiles. Sure, everyone is clamoring for Instagram and Facebook ads, but these may not always be the right platforms to focus […]