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Googled your company’s name and come to find out that you’ve been falsely reported on a website called In many of the cases listed on the Scam Detector website they are valid and companies or individuals that really should be avoided at all costs. In your business’s case however you may have been falsely reported and the problem with the internet in the USA is anybody can post whatever they want without consequence. In Europe, they have the luxury of the Right to be forgotten which is not currently a law in America. So the only solution is to have a reputation management company assist in either removing or pushing down the unwanted content.

The most recent scams listed on their website are the utility payment scams, facebook fees, iTunes Gift Card, Airline Credit, and Portable Breathalyzer scams. If you’ve seen or been solicited for one of these services then most likely you should be wary. Some of the other scams detected that are legitimate concerns for the public that they have features on are:  Online poker fraud, iPhone 8 and X tester, car loan approval, check engine light scam, fake law firns, dating online and real love life scandals, payday loans, electronic pickpocketing, medical coverage benefits, water purification systems, donate your car to charity scams, postcard for seniors, airline free tickets and vouchers, solar panels, alarm systems, Facebook account winner, VA loan Eligibility, IRS Tax Help Scam, No win no fee solicitations, medical alert device, the recovery act federal grant scammers, travel club conference, AC repair in Houston, Texas fraudsters, Post office change of address against yourself, free credit report, car rental scam, credit repair scam, credit card lower rates scam, and finally a port out a scam to get into your cell phone and bank account.

About Scam Detector according to their website:

Scam Detector exposes the world’s most notorious scams and educates the consumers on how to avoid them. Our service is free and will always be. The app was created after the outstanding success of The 419: The Nigerian Scam, a short amateur film that quickly became a viral hit, being viewed over a million times online. The docu-drama was the first movie ever made on the infamous 419 topics.

The production premiered worldwide at the West Hollywood International Film Festival in June 2008. Soon after, it won the Rappahannock Independent Film Festival in Fredericksburg, VA. The news traveled so fast across the Internet not only because of the sensitive topic but also because the movie was made with only $180, everybody volunteered!

Ever since thousands of fans have inquired not only about the production of the full length feature of the film but also about the creation of a smartphone application that would expose the most fraudulent activities in the world. And we did it! The rest is history and you’re now looking at it.

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