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Fixing Top Result for your brand

You Googled your company and what appears? Is it Facebook, Your Website, Twitter, Linkedin, and then you see this website called appearing right there. We’ve had clients whose brand was incorrectly ranking on this website and we’ve helped them to push those results off of the first 10 pages of search results and saved their business from a false attack.

The website focuses on Class Action Lawsuit Settlements that are listed under their pending class action websites and mentions some of the most well-known brands in the world.  Some of the current ones on their site being marketed right now are Nestle Candy’s class action in California, a Facebook Moderation, a $550 million Santander Car loan class action, rainbow light vitamins, university of New Mexico Leukemia, Ocean Spray, Facebook Video Ads, Loestrin Birth Control, Broiler Chicken, Mercedes HVAC, Tampa Bay Sports TCPA, Viking Fire Sprinklers, DaimlerChrysler Financial, Lovenox Price-Fixing, and another California Samsung Plasma TV class action website is all advertised on their website.

They also list closed class action settlements so that means even after the lawsuit whether it was a legitimate or frivolous lawsuit is irrelevant as just having its mere presence online can be extremely damaging. Some of the settlements that have been closed but have rebate options are Checkers, Experian Consumer Report, California American Income Life Insurance Sales Agent, Prevagen Brain Health Supplement, Florida Computer Tech Support Products, Navient Loan Forgivenes, Asheville North Carolina Water Development fees, protein solutions industrial plant, American Web Loan, Pennsylvania criminal history record, nasty gal text message, Removal from Googleosport and Muscle Milk, JPMorgan 401(k), The Library Gentlemen’s club independent contractor, and San Diego Airport Car Rental are all closed class action lawsuits that are being marketed, advertised and potentially harmful if the settlement was not legitimate.

Overall if you are handling the marketing for a company and it’s listed on a class action website then you most likely have your plate full trying to balance an on going online reputation management campaign. That’s where we come in and are glad to help assist and consult on the best reputation management practices. Handling the public relations through tumultuous times can be the difference between a brand coming out and surviving on the other side after a settlement and the brand crumbling and not coming back.

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