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How Positive Articles Help Build Insulation in the Search Results

With more and more content being uploaded on the Internet every day, it’s more challenging than ever to set your website apart from the ocean of others, and most importantly, make sure your website ranks well on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

The Google algorithm changes all the time, making it trickier to exactly figure out what kind of articles will rank better on the search engine results page, but one of the commonly agreed-upon tactics by most organically growing content creators is the use of white hat marketing skills to help your articles be perceived more positively by your target audience and also Google rankings.

The Ways Positive Articles Build Insulation in Search Results

By “positive,” we refer to articles that provide an overall pleasing experience to the audience. Let us go over some of the common ways through which positive articles are able to outshine their negative counterparts in the search results:

(1) Focus on Relevant and Quality-Driven Content

First and foremost, it is paramount that your website or article has a strong “foundation,” and that is, quality and desirable content that your target audience will find helpful and interesting.

No matter what SEO optimization tactics you take into account, unless and until your content is original, to-the-point, and helps your audience solve the problems they are finding solutions for, you will not be able to help your article rank better in the search results.

You create quality content through the following general guidelines:

1) Keeping originality in view, refraining from plagiarizing or duplicating content from other websites, platforms, and articles.

2) Defining your niche audience, knowing their preferences, likes/dislikes, and the kind of content they are looking for.

3) Only displaying relevant content instead of crowding your page with information that isn’t required. Adopting a “Less Is More” approach.


(2) Focus on Positivity-Inducing Visuals and Aesthetics

Never underestimate the power of aesthetics. With Google’s algorithm being constantly updated into smarter versions, articles using a combination of text and visuals are able to rank better. The algorithm is becoming more user-centric. Most users don’t want to read walls of text in jarring layouts.

Supporting visuals always help convey information in a concise manner while also adding some beauty to the overall design of your website or article.

Below are some common ways to step up your aesthetics in order to leave a positive impact on your audience as they visit your article:

1) Use of simple and attractive infographics accompanied by short bodies of text. Remember, our brains respond 60,000 times faster to visuals than text.

2) An attractive color scheme with just the right amount of contrast. As a beginner to color psychology, you might be tempted to use yellow against black (or vice versa) since they have a very strong contrast. Still, it’s better to tone down on contrast a bit by using greys so that the colors don’t look visually jarring.

3) Use visuals, but sparingly. Don’t overdo them.

4) If you don’t have your own images, invest in stock or royalty-free images. If you’re stealing copyrighted content, it will be hard for your articles to rank better on the search engine.


3) Positive Articles Using Keywords Sparingly

Previously, keywords used to play a huge role in determining whether your website or article will rank well on the SERPs. But now, the algorithm has become quite intelligent, and relying on keywords alone will only do more harm than good.

Keyword usage is still quite relevant, and it’s essential to spend some time researching the appropriate keywords related to your topic. At the same time, it’s essential to use these keywords properly in appropriate contexts wherein they look natural.

Forcing keywords in your article without paying any attention to whether they’re fitting in the contexts or not will simply result in Google identifying you using a black hat marketing strategy.


(4) Focusing On Optimized Mobile Experience

One of the most important things the current algorithm detects is whether your article or website is optimized for phone viewing. Websites with a bad phone-viewing experience do not rank well on the SERPs.

Your site must follow the standard phone dimensions on its mobile version. It is designed from a user-centric point of view, as users rarely stay on a website that doesn’t have a mobile-friendly and optimized experience.

5) Fast Page-Loading Time

As the current algorithm is becoming more and more considerate of the users’ wants and desires, it goes without saying that a fast page-loading time is crucial if you want your article to be perceived more positively by your audience and for it to rank better.

A fast page-loading time can be achieved by using a minimalistic web design with a clear focus on functionality and cutting down on heavy-sized gifs or videos, which might not only prove to distract the readers but also simply serve to slow the page down.

6) Use of Positive, Conversational Language

In order to build a satisfying customer experience, it’s essential to make sure you’re not using language that’s too flowery or technical for your readers to understand. Think of speaking to them face-to-face through your article or website. Don’t be afraid to be a little conversational and informal, as long as it doesn’t sound unprofessional.

The benefit of using positive, conversational language is that it puts your readers and viewers at ease when they come across a new website. It helps build an instant connection with them and makes you sound more confident and authentic.

7) Using Relevant Links and Sources In Positive Articles

One of the crucial aspects of making your article look more authentic is that you provide relevant links and sources to other articles and websites. Do not source malicious links as that is often detected as a black hat strategy. Always source authentic and genuine websites free of any form of malware.

Why Is Insulation Through Positive Articles Important?


The insulation in the search engine results created by positive, SEO-optimized articles is important. It filters out all the websites running on black hat marketing tactics and leads customers to reach the growing platforms through the investment of time and effort.

It also helps to build satisfying customer relationships in the long run through user testimonials and real human interaction, which ultimately makes organic platforms last longer.

White hat marketing strategies are also quite “intuitive,” as they mostly all rely on fair investment of time and personal effort rather than resorting to shortcuts and unfair means taken by their black hat counterparts. This motivates content creators to work hard and sincerely instead of being forced to adopt unfair measures to improve their work rank on the search engine results.

It’s also cheaper in the long run, as black hat marketing strategies can often backfire, causing websites to be shut down or the content creators fined and penalized by Google, which isn’t something anyone would want.

In conclusion, while white hat marketing strategies might require more time and effort at the outset, in the long run, they always pay off because they rely on real, organic methods rather than black hat tricks with fast but short-term effects.

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