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The Canadian Review Board Rankings – How To Improve Your Image in Google.ca

The Canadian Review Board is tasked with determining which Canadian businesses are reputable and which businesses are not. Companies that are eligible for membership are those that have provided top notch customer service. The objective is to provide consumers and business owners with information they can use when making decisions about who to do business with.

What You Need To Know About The Canadian Review Board

The process begins by reviewing businesses that earn at least 4 stars through Google ratings. These are businesses that mostly receive positive reviews and stand out among competitors. Reviews are not limited to Google. If a company provides evidence of superior customer satisfaction through another online platform, it will also be considered.

Canadian Business Review Board

However, if a business receives many poor reviews that have not been resolved, it will be removed from membership. There are several ways a company can address negative reviews or issues of poor customer service. They can refund the consumer’s money and issue an apology. A business can replace a defective product with a new one, or the business can issue a certain amount of credit for the consumer to use as he or she wishes.

The process of reviewing every business for eligibility is ongoing. Every company is reviewed again before membership is renewed. One of the benefits of the review is that the process gives consumers peace of mind in knowing they are doing business with a reputable organization. Customers are able to make well informed decisions about who to make their purchases from.

For businesses who are members, there are other benefits. Businesses have the opportunity to develop online marketing and video promotions, to strengthen their brands. Businesses that take advantage of such benefits are able to more closely interact with consumers.

Businesses who are verified are put on a list in the CBRB directory. Their web site listings will also display the CBRB logo and certificate. Having the ability to use membership for social media and other campaigns can save money on the costs of marketing their products or services.

Businesses that wish to be listed in the Canadian Review Board directory can apply for membership. Alternatively, businesses can be nominated through the application process. Consumers and other businesses alike can make those nominations. Before submitting a nomination from the CBRB website, however, consumers should read reviews and make sure they businesses they want to nominate have received positive reviews and do not have several outstanding consumer complaints.

The Canadian Review Board reviews businesses in North America. Therefore, there are lists available separately for both Canada and America. For each country’s directory, businesses are listed alphabetically under specific categories, such as automotive repair, bakery, bed and breakfast, driving school, funeral home, and more.
Listings by industry make it easier for consumers to verify membership of the companies they’re interested in.

The board was originally developed by a group of investors who wanted to promote businesses most likely to deliver, in terms of quality and positive customer experiences. Membership has quickly become desirable for businesses that want to reach their target audiences and want to let consumers know they will have a good experience when doing business with their companies.

Any business in America or Canada that wishes to be known to consumers should consider membership with the Canadian Review Board. There are several opportunities to increase opportunities for promotions and target the right consumers with specific marketing messages. Companies that retain their membership through excellent customer service can maintain a competitive edge in their respective industries. A business that carries the Canadian Review Board seal is more likely to attract loyal customers, whether individuals or other businesses.

The CBRB membership is a great tool for companies that have earned a good reputation. For companies and individuals who seek to do business internationally, the organization aims to provide an international directory in the near future. This new directory is aimed toward business travelers who want to limit their interactions to only the most reputable international companies.

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