Wendy Rhoades Billions Google Reputation Repair Needed
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Wendy Rhoades Google Reputation Management – Billions Star Gets Into Trouble

Billions star Wendy Rhoades gets into some big trouble and now all the negative content is on Google and she needs help to fix it. Who does she hire to help her when the situation gets messy? Who else The Reputation Management Company. Read below for the plot and issues Rhoades encountered on Season 4 Episode 5.

In Billions, the “A Proper Send-Off” episode, we see the consequences of Chuck Rhoades’ and Bobby Axelrod’s actions, as well as how ruthless they can be to maintain power.

No one is more familiar with this ruthlessness than Wendy Rhoades, who somehow manages to stay by Chuck’s side, even when he committed the ultimate betrayal. Last episode we saw Chuck expose him and Wendy’s intimate details about their sex life to the public during his pursuit to secure a job, even though his impudent behavior greatly impacted Wendy. After he went public about their inclinations in the bedroom, Wendy can’t even walk into a consultation session without people awkwardly looking at her, shattering her image.

Wendy finds solace in Nina, with Nina telling her that people enjoy reveling in people’s “shit for a minute” to distract them of their own shortcomings. Nina consuls her, reminding her that this drama will eventually blow over. She makes a good point here. Chuck finds comfort in Axelrod, with Axe also reminding him that this will blow over. He helps Chuck realize that Wendy has been this angry with him before.

This episode also spotlights Axelrod, reminding us who he is and what he’s really about. While he has confidence and flair about him, Axelrod is also a vindictive personality. The episode peers into his past.

On September 11, Axelrod was at the attorney’s office, signing papers. Many of his professional trades can be deemed illegal, with his boss regarding him as a liability and wanting him out. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Axelrod managed to create an image of himself, pushing this persona of being some sort of hero. He managed to do this by supporting the children of the fallen firemen post 9/11 and investing in his colleagues’ kids education. This eventually leads to Axelrod investing in John Rice’s fund, his former boss’ son.

Now Rice is all grown up, and ready to give Axelrod a check of his initial investment. However, this offends Axelrod, since he knows he’s being cashed out. In this scenario, Axelrod had the opportunity to act in two ways: he can linger in his emotions and understand why he’s responding so viscerally, or he can parse his wants to sabotage someone he used to mentor, like Taylor and John, and choose to focus on himself.

Of course, with Axelrod being Axelrod, he took a familiar route: vengeance. While on a fishing trip, Axelrod reveals that he went on an interview with the mission to cast doubt on John’s professional skill sets This causes the public to lose interest in Rice’s trading ability, with his career prospects being threatened. Imagine: if Axelrod was able to do this to Rice, a person he mentored for years, what do you think he’ll do to Taylor?

Wendy Rhoades Googles Herself and Needs Help Fixing THe Search Results

Rhoades manages to get herself together 30 days after Chuck announced their affinity for BDSM. She tries to face her fears, and actively Googles her name. Wanting to reach out to someone who will be understanding, Rhoades contacts Taylor.

She is positioned as one of the only decent people on Wall Street, with Taylor striving for morality. Or is this decency a facade just to be opposite to Axelrod to beat him at his money-making schemes? Regardless of intentions, Taylor was able to convince the New York Firefighter’s Fund, and kept her business wit about her for another week.

When Lauren goes in for the 10-minute pitch with the firefighter’s fund, Taylor is determined. While everyone else had half an hour, Taylor didn’t allow it to deter her. With Taylor Mason Capital, Taylor is building a space where finance works for people who don’t act like Rice, empowering them to thrive.


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