• 31
  • May

How Do Search Engines View Social Media?

It used to be that people signed up for social media accounts to share all their special moments and keep tabs on friends or family members. But in recent years, platforms have become a very valuable resource for businesses.   When an entrepreneur or company obtains a strong social reach, they are opening many doors that all lead to organic traffic and increased […]

  • 24
  • May

How Positive Articles Help Build Insulation in the Search Results

With more and more content being uploaded on the Internet every day, it’s more challenging than ever to set your website apart from the ocean of others, and most importantly, make sure your website ranks well on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The Google algorithm changes all the time, making it trickier to exactly figure out what kind of articles will […]

  • 17
  • May

What Is a Search Engine Autocomplete and How Is It Used To Affect Search Results?

Innocuous as it might seem at first, search engine autocomplete is, in fact, an incredibly powerful tool for successful SEO implementation and, depending on how it is applied, potentially a key tool for online reputation management. Search engine autocomplete is one of the most basic features of all popular search tools. Essentially, it is the search engine’s ability to predict your input […]